Please download and print the Registration and Release forms. Fill out and bring with you to tryouts, thank you!

Player Registration Form
Waiver and Release Form

To pre-pay the $75.00 (non-refundable) Registration fee, please click the link below.

Testing for tryouts this year is as follows:

Circuit Warm-up: Consists of foot work drills

Timed Testing:

20 pushups in 1 minute- Real pushups, chest must touch rolled up towel.
35 Sit ups in 1 minute- Regular sit-ups, shoulders must touch floor. (Suggest having a partner hold your feet.)
2 Min Plank Test- Must stay in plank position for 2 minutes.

Agility Timed Testing:

40 yard dash
3 cone shuttle
3 cone drill
4 cone drill

Mile Test:

Linemen must finish 14 minutes or less

Skill positions must finish 10 minutes or less

Flag Football Game:

We want to see how you play the game at full speed. Expect tryouts to last about 4 hours.

If you make the team, but fail any test, you will not be issued any gear or allowed to practice with the team until you pass all the tests. So, each practice you will continue to do the test(s) you failed, if you do not pass the test you will be sent home. There will be a $75 registration fee (non-refundable) due at tryouts or pay now by clicking the link below. (Please note your first and last name at checkout.)